Tuesday, June 15, 2010

To keep us sane


On lovely days when I really don't want to go enjoy the back yard, we bake. To keep us sane. Although, it kind of drives me nuts none the less, what with the 2 boys taking turns spilling, erm pouring the ingredients, shaping the dough, and eating more dough then cookies. Yesterday was one of those days.

We made gingersnaps. Well, they turned out more like soft ginger cookies full of delicious spicy undertones that don't hit you until you've swallowed, which if you want my opinion (you are going to get it anyway wether you want it or not ;) ) is way better then basic ginger snaps. I didn't change anything from the recipe so I'll give you the book I got it from. Cookies, brownies and bars By Elinor Klivans.


Nothing overly exciting happened until the dough was well mixed and ready to be shaped. My 5 year old (The Duck) says as he's rolling the happy little balls of dough in sugar "Mom, they look like poop nuggets!" Oh my... Well, it's true, they did.

But they turned into yummy cookies. For which I got the response of "Well, you're not fired Mom. I'm impressed these are really good." Oh? I laughed at him, secretly of course, as to not offend him. But that made my day. I'm not fired. So I did good by my oldest boy. And that's likely all I can ask for right now.

So there they are, and that's by no means is all of them... This was taken well after most were distributed to neighbours and the post mistress and a friend who lives far away that I haven't seen in over 2 1/2 years (man do I miss that girl...) and devoured by me, my boys and the Hubby.

oh and yay! 3 followers huzzah! you guys rock!

* The first picture was taken by The Duck. Isn't he a great photographer?!


  1. Poop nuggets that is a good one. The things that come out of his mouth is priceless. You should probably write these all down and put them in a book one day.
    Tell the Duck Uma loves him. And the other two as well, love to them both too.

  2. Will do Mom! he is hillarious sometimes, isn't he?

  3. Those look super delicious!