Monday, June 21, 2010

Fun Fathers Day Festivities

Nothing like alliteration to start the day eh?
Happy belated fathers day to all those Fathers out there!

For fathers day I (we, I suppose... the kids and I) bought (read picked out) my husband a Bradley Electric Smoker. We got it a few days early, mind you, so that we we could have smoked prime rib on Sunday.
Well, I kind of killed the roast.... I way over smoked it, but the roaast was big enough that we could just cout off the out side and enjoy the meat on the inside. I suppose next go i'll read the directions alittle closer, instead of skiming them. We also had wilted cabage and carrots, BBQ's Mushroom caps and roasted potatoes. It was a great meal (less the edges of the roast....)

I also had the brilliant idea to make Tart Key Lime Squares. Oh my. Were they ever tart!! They look alright, but man oh man! You can't eat much more then an inch square at a go, unless you are me, when I was pregnant with The Duck.

It was an alright day, The Hub went golfing al day and came home to a good meal. Can't get much better then that, can it?

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