Friday, June 25, 2010

Passing on the skillzzzzz

I spin yarn. Most people find that weird. If it is, then so be it. I know I'm not alone.

The other day The Duck wanted to spin. He got a hang of treadling the wheel and let the pencil roving take the twist and feed onto the bobbin. Here is his handy work.

Not bad for a 5 year old, if I do say so myself!


  1. that is awesome!!!Not bad at all. My 5 year old bot wanted to learn to knit. I was surprised at how quickly he caught on. He was casting on like a pro in no time. I was thinking of teaching him to use a drop spindle this summer. He is always fascinated when I whip out my fiber and spindle.

  2. That's really awesome! As someone who loves to knit but can never find the *perfect* yarn for the new scarf (yeah, that's pretty much all I can do no matter how hard I try), this would be perfect!

    It's also really cool that your kid was interested! I think it's really fun to like something that not many people find interesting so that when you find someone else it's like finding a long lost sibling. Plus it gives you a feeling of being special!

    I'd love it if you could stop by my blog sometime!

  3. Thanks Ladies!
    Spinning is great fun, and it's wonderful to have the exact right yarn for a project!!
    It seems boys learn quite quickly when it comes to this sort of thing... Liek thier minds can see the mechanics of it and it just makes sense :D