Friday, July 2, 2010

Oh baby! What a cutie!

I made everything in this picture. Okay, so I didn't make the couch. Or the wall behind it. I did, however, make the baby (That's Miz Jo. She is the last of our lot. Ain't she adorable?) I did have help with her mind you, but you knew that.

I made the dress, the boots, the belt bow, and the headband. All by myself. And all this was inspired by one of the monthly challenges on

This month Challenge was to create an article of clothing, or outfit, with a bed sheet. Just a sheet (or 2 or 3) But not a bed spread, or duvet or any other bedding.
While the idea of the more the merrier, almost sounds better, in
this instance, less was better. In the idea that I chose to use a crib
sheet! And boy oh boy, did I ever use up that crib sheet to my best ability.

Just as my children are a big part of my inspiration, is as well. The day I found craftster was an awakening. I'm not even kidding. The day before I stummbled on the wonderful site, all I knew was something was missing. I didn't know what it was, but part of me went away after having my boys. It was my creative side. is FULL, chock full, of inspiration. I didn't even know it was possible to spin yarn before Craftster. And now I'm almost lost without my spindle or wheel. Before Craftster I barely used my sewing machine. The same sewing machine that got me through Fashion design.
Craftster reinstated my craft. It's great. So, knowing that most of my followers are following me from there, I'm guessing you all feel the same way. But for those of you that didn't find me through Craftster, click one of the many links I just put in here (notice I figured that one out? Acutally, it was help from a friend. Yay friends!)

Also on one last note, if you want to vote for this adorable little outfit (or see a few more pics) click here .

Happy crafting!


  1. The outfit looks awesome - now I'm inspired to look for crib sheets in thrift stores because I bet they'd have really cute patterns on them.

    I completely agree with you regarding Craftser. Everytime I visit I get so motivated and inspired.

  2. Thank you Skuld! Crib sheet are great source of happy print fabric.
    also, Long live craftster!