Sunday, July 11, 2010

11 days in...

So With this Penny Pinching Pantry Raid, we've not been doing all to well.... Well Sort of. We've been using mostly stuff in the fridge and freezers and pantry... But Hubby isn't quite on board. One day I sent him for Coffee, milk and eggs. He spends 57$!!!!! This might be partly because this was on the 3rd, and maybe he forgot.... But he bought our usual coffee, two packages to be exact... It runs 15$ for 500g. Yes... We have expensive tastes in coffee. So that spoke for 30$ of it... then there were chips and chocolate bars and pop... Next day I send him for ham. He spent 80$ on sandwich meat.... yeah.... big sticks of meat, but at least now I have a freezer full of sandwich meat? Anyway.. We've bought a few other things too, so out of our 250$ budget we've spent $171.76 + 15$ for things I may not have gotten the reciept for... so 186.75.
Here's a list of some of the more delicious items we made:
Pizza! - homemade crust with ground itallian sausage meat, mozza and tomatoes.
Burgers!- Homea made burgers to boot! none of this store bought nonsense.
Our wonderful neighbours have a gorgeous garden, and they gave us Lettuce! uummmm salad!
Pork loin roast and rice!
Icelandic pancakes!

Here's the interesting concotion:
Hotdogs, with big round noodles (like canteloni only little) and 1/2 can of diced tomatoes. Yep. It's delicious though! (and a staple growing up, so it's comfort food)

OOh! I also made pita bread! Yup, that's right Pita bread! And it turned out really good! So I'll post a tutorial on that hopefully next week! With all that sandwich meat and lettuce from the neighbours I'll be in pita sandwich heaven!

Anywho. I'll be back tommorow. I have a crafty non-food project to share!

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