Friday, December 31, 2010

in the year to come

2010 was a whirlwind year. Starting with the birth of our last child, Miss Jo, and ending with a quiet holiday, We've had all sorts of ups and downs. I can't complain. Life is quite wonderful. It's full of frustration, angst and crazies, but the good of it is awesome. I'm so blessed to have 3 beautiful children and a wonderfully loving husband. We have a large roof over our heads we were lucky to get, we have fridges and freezers full of food, and warm clothes to keep us warm (some of which I made myself! I really should share with you guys...) The only thing that might make it better is having a field of sheep.... But that may come in time.

2011 should shape up to be a good year. Ducky will be in his last half of Kindergarten (he's been asking me 'how many days left of holiday?' since Boxing day!) Xan turns 3 and Miss Jo turns 1 first thing this year. We have nothing planned, but that always leaves room for more crazy adventures.
One of these crazy adventures is going to be capturing the view out my front door every day for the entire year. We have the best view. It may not be a waterfall, or mountains, or off the edge of cliff. But I love it as if it were. And I want to have that view, saved for a whole year, just so if we ever leave here, I still have it.
Another adventure I hope to go on is visiting a bunch of over sized statues of things that spatter every town along drives we normally take. Let's cross our fingers that hubby will cooperate with that one!
I also hope to be more frugal, and convince my family that it is possible! Less waste, more time caring for the things we have, enjoying each other more.
And I hope to keep up with the blog more often. Perhaps a week of pancakes? Or pancake Wednesdays/Thursdays/Fridays? I can't just make normal pancakes after all....

I'm sure there are more things that will intrigue me through out the year. And I hope to share them with you and the world.

Best of luck in the New Year.

I leave you with this, my favorite version of Auld Lang Syne.

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